101 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach
FL 33139, USA
(305) 531-3330

TUE - SAT 10AM to 7PM

About Me

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For many, the concept of beauty is limited to that which is pleasing to the senses and thus causes pleasure. For Leonardo Rocco is not reduced to frivolity, is something deeper, it is pure energy. “Every human being is beautiful. What happens is that the circumstances surrounding certain point in a person, emotional, sentimental or professionally does their effects on the physical side. At that time, our work is to understand the circumstances to bring that energy to the beauty that is within each one, become accomplices to rescue her, “says Leonardo Rocco.

The concept of Rocco Donna, has over two decades of existence. Since 1991 marks its presence in Argentina, specifically in the city of Rosario. They began as a family business and continues to maintain the same spirit that fuses the expertise acquired by Leonardo and his brother Fabrizio in Paris, Milan, London and Barcelona, ​​most marketing studies of Leonardo, added to the essence: do everything with the heart, a doctrine inherited from his father, with over 50 years experience within the beauty industry.
Evidence of the success of this vision can be felt for nine years in Miami at Rocco Donna Hair and Beauty Art, a place where cutting-edge styles, innovative techniques and service excellence as a philosophy.

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